Strip Clubs

Posted: 28th July 2015 by SouthernWatchman in News

A recent news article was posted in my area about how a local legislator is on the war path to get a strip club shut down simply because it is too close to a residential area. One of the biggest arguments FOR shutting this club down was:

It’s the perversion that it feeds in men toward women, girls, children… No, maybe not all, BUT alot! Men in this country should try spending the same amount of effort and time in becoming mature, responsible men as they do going to strip clubs! Maybe an effort like that would help turn this world around?

My thoughts:
We could easily flip this around onto women as well, since there are a *LOT* of male strippers in the country as well.

As much as I will never need nor desire to partake of such a service, I will do so by choice. I’m a grown up and don’t need anyone to tell me what my morals and ethics should be, least of all Government.

If we’re going to go down the road of someone trying to use the power of the State to force their set of ethics and morals down other people’s throats, then lets go ahead and start tearing out all sorts of things that the constitutionally protected right of choice impacts, since we obviously be trusted to make decisions for ourselves.

Alcohol – Lets make it 100% illegal, since it serves zero positive purpose in society, kills people in car related accidents AND adds burden to the health care system.

Tobacco – Lets make all of them 100% illegal, since all they do is add massive load to the health care system, and is a general waste of money.

Speeding – Lets make cars that are mechanically limited to 55mph, max. Excessive speed is a contributing factor to over half the vehicle fatalities.

Texting – Lets make texting illegal since it is soon to be the leading cause of vehicle fatalities.

Victoria’s Secret – lets make scandalous underwear illegal since it’s wrapped up in the perversion that exists in men toward women, girls and children.

Porn – lets make all porn illegal, that’s wrapped up in the perversion too.

Low cut / revealing clothing for both genders – lets outlaw all clothing that may cause ‘naughty’ thoughts on both sides of the gender debate. After all, nothing reduces an office full of men to babbling fools than ample cleavage about to fall out of a v-neck…. and then there’s the rumor mill that will circulate just how big that bulg is his pants on the one day he wore a pair of khaki’s that was a bit too tight…

MTV – most ‘music’ videos contain content that is on par with what you can find at a gentlemen club, so lets ban this as well. (Not to mention how glorious it is to shoot some other punk for doing your girlfriend)

R Rated movies – As with MTV, men can get their perversion on with movies just as easily.

The list goes on and on and on. I hope you can see my sarcasm there. It’s proven that throughout history that a society is always better when there is liberty and freedom to choose. This is because any society is composed of basically good people. But there will *always* be exceptions, no matter how free or how oppressive the society is. That’s the human condition. Knowing this, upholding the freedom of choice is paramount to a truly great society.

-The men can choose to go to the gentlemen’s club, or they can choose not to.
-The women can choose to work there, or they can choose not to.

Simply passing a law and shutting down a single club, or all clubs for that matter, will not remove the one industry that is as old as mankind itself: The s e x industry. Across all nations, all races, across all of time, this industry has existed because it is directly couple to one of the most powerful basic human instincts: Perpetuate the species.

Now, if you’re really after increasing the morality of society (even as subjective as that opinion is) then attacking a symptom (Strip club) is not a worthy expenditure of time. You simply can’t get rid of hardwired instincts like that, but through proper parenting one can teach control and respect for others.

But as I alluded to earlier, law != one persons morals and ethics, and this is a matter of law.