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REASON – “Americans are now more likely to be shot to death than to die in a car accident,” Margaret Renkl declares in a New York Times op-ed piece calling for more gun control. Since Renkl is talking about mass shootings, which she says “are no longer so unthinkable,” the implication is that the risk […]

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REASON – Students returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this morning sporting new, mandatory transparent backpacks. This so-called safety measure, like so many others proposed in the wake of the horrific mass shooting—installing metal detectors, hiring more school resource officers, raising the minimum age to purchase an AR-15—is security theater. One can understand why […]

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Copied and pasted from here In the event the post is taken down. Hello. I am an Army Combat Veteran. I carried an M-4, M9 & Ka-Bar on my person. I never carried an assault rifle. In fact, there is no such thing. The M4 I carried was very similar to the civilian style AR-15. […]