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Heart felt comments on what we’re doing wrong with the War on Crime. By ‘we’ I mean our out of control Government.

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Oh how far we have slipped…

Comments Off on Everyone Loses as China Escalates Trade War With Tariffs on American Pork, Fruit, and More

REASON – President Donald Trump’s trade war just got a little harder to win. China announced new tariffs on 128 American imports yesterday, primarily targeting agricultural products such as pork, nuts, fruit, and wine. In a statement, the Chinese government said it was imposing the new tariffs “in order to safeguard China’s interests and balance […]

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Comments Off on Don’t Look to the State to Solve Social Media Companies Imposing Ideological Conformity

REASON – Many giant tech companies that were among the biggest supporters of so-called net neutrality have increasingly turned out to be enthusiastic suppressors of content when left to their own devices. But don’t look for help to government agencies for help, writes J.D. Tuccille—not unless you want to empower authorities in a long and […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – Ever since there was a deal to bust the budget caps back in February, I knew it was just a matter of time before Congress and the White House responded with an odious orgy of new spending. Some people told me I was being too pessimistic. After all, the President’s Office of […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – As far as I’m concerned, everything you need to know about capitalism vs. statism is captured in this chart comparing per-capita economic output in Chile and Venezuela. Ask yourself which country offers more opportunity, especially for the poor? The obvious answer is Chile, where poverty has rapidly declined ever since the country […]

Comments Off on Thanks to the EBRD, American Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Cronyism in Eastern Europe

INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – Because of their aggressive support for bigger government, my least-favorite international bureaucracies are the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. But I’m increasingly displeased by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which is another international bureaucracy (like the OECD and IMF) that is backed by American […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – The good news is that some honest leftists have thrown in the towel and now openly admit that capitalism generates more prosperity. They still don’t want free markets, of course. For ideological reasons, they continue to push for a big welfare state. But at least they admit their redistributionist policies lead to […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – I’m in Brussels, where I’m participating in an “Economic Freedom Summit” on the unfriendly turf of the European Parliament. My role was to chair a panel earlier today about whether Venezuela can recover from socialism. I obviously have an opinion on that topic, but I want to write today about some information […]