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REASON – During Prohibition, drinkers never knew what they would get when they set out to slake their thirst. Bootleggers often sold products adulterated with industrial alcohol and other toxins. Some 10,000 people were fatally poisoned before America gave up this grand experiment in suppressing vice. The biggest toll from modern drug prohibition, writes Steve […]

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LIBERTY REVIEW – In the United States, more than 90 people die every day from overdoses involving prescription opioids, and more than 1,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for not using prescription opioids as directed. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has decided that enough is enough. Relaying in a speech on March 19th that […]

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Heart felt comments on what we’re doing wrong with the War on Crime. By ‘we’ I mean our out of control Government.

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REASON – Anyone over the age of 21 in California can now walk into a store and pick up some marijuana. After three months of legalized recreational cannabis sales, how is the industry doing? To learn more, we tracked one product—the Kiva chocolate bar—up the supply chain, from seed to sale. And what we found […]

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We are the party of principle.

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“This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices, that distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for those drugs.” Read more here:

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President Donald Trump’s plan to combat opioid drug addiction calls for stiffer penalties for drug traffickers, including the death penalty where it’s appropriate under current law.  If It At First It Doesn’t Work, Then Double Down On The Violence #NeedSmallGovt #EndTheDrugWar #StopGovtViolence If It At First It Doesn't Work, Then Double Down On The Violence […]

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Southern Watchman says: Sessions needs to step down. Or be thrown out. Either way, he’s more of a threat to liberty than the local pot head is. Cheers and watch your six, – Southern Watchman   REASON – Jeff Sessions proposes D.E.A. control country’s supply of legal opioids. Once again misdiagnosing the problem entirely, Attorney […]