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At about 5 a.m., 700 British troops, on a mission to capture Patriot leaders and seize a Patriot arsenal, march into Lexington to find 77 armed minutemen under Captain John Parker waiting for them on the town’s common green. British Major John Pitcairn ordered the outnumbered Patriots to disperse, and after a moment’s hesitation the […]

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FEE.ORG – It may not feel like spring yet, but regulatory agencies have turned their fancies to rulemaking, with 45 proposed and 70 final regulations ranging from the size of oranges to yellow lances. On to the data: Last week, 70 new final regulations were published in the Federal Register, after 63 the previous week. […]


Posted: 18th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Fascism, Freedoms, LimitedGovernment, SouthernWatch
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Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce. Lets repeat a part of that: forcible suppression of opposition. So if you are one of the types of people who think that shouting down someone trying to speak, or someone should be […]

1.3 Privacy

Posted: 16th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Freedoms, LimitedGovernment, Privacy, SouthernWatch
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Anyone who thinks it’s okay for their privacy to be invaded because they have nothing to hide should post their bank P.I.N.s in the comments right now. If you think it’s crazy to do that, then congratulations, you actually DO understand privacy for pivacy’s sake.

1.1 Self-Ownership

Posted: 16th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Freedoms, Libertarianism, Slavery, SouthernWatch
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If you don’t own your own body, then someone else owns it… and that makes you a slave. You’re not a slave, are you?


Posted: 16th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Freedoms, Libertarianism, responsibility, SouthernWatch
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The glaring lack of personal responsibility in today’s American society is astounding.  Don’t be a statistic.  Be responsible. Have liberty.

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FEE.ORG – Arizona lawmakers and cosmetologists argue that an acceptable cost for a new-age hairstyle is imprisonment. And you can chalk that up to old-school protectionism. But fortunately, state Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita is trying to cut costs for consumers. License to Style Ask yourself, would you pay someone just to wash, dry, and style your […]

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REASON – “Why’d you shoot me?” Amy Hughes, screaming and bleeding, asked Officer Andrew Kisela after he fired four rounds at her through a chain link fence. Thanks to the Supreme Court, a jury will not get a chance to consider that question. In a case that Jacob Sulum says illustrates how hard it is […]

Pffft, Damned Elitists

Posted: 5th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Elitism, Freedoms, Libertarianism, LibertyMovement, SouthernWatch
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Pretty accurate IMHO

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London has endured a significant increase in knife crime, with 15 dying in February, nine of whom were aged 30 or younger. Meanwhile 14 were killed in the Big Apple. London also suffered 22 fatal stabbings and shootings in March, higher than the 21 which took place in New York, according to the report in […]