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Help Support and Grow the Southern Watch

Posted: 12th May 2018 by SouthernWatchman in AmazonAffiliate, FreeMarket, SouthernWatch
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Help support and grow the Southern Watch by doing your amazon shopping through our Affiliate Program. It’s easy, secure and costs you no more than the time it takes to click twice. Cheers!

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REASON – Will there be any winners—or even any survivors—after the war between President Donald Trump and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon goes nuclear? Probably not. Today on the Reason Podcast, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, and yours truly squabble over the usual odd assortment of topics, including the Conner family as a proxy for […]

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REASON – Apple CEO Tim Cook has “doubled down” on his call for increased government regulation of Facebook, Recode reports, teasing an interview with Cook that will air Friday April 6 on MSNBC. Cook had already publicly called for a government crackdown on Facebook once before, telling an audience in Beijing, according to Bloomberg News, […]

The Hidden ObamaCare Workarounds

Posted: 5th May 2018 by SouthernWatchman in FreeMarket, ObamaCare, PPACA, SouthernWatch
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ObamaCare is not working as intended. Premiums doubled in its first four years and grew another 37 percent this year! Read more here.          

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REASON – President Donald Trump’s trade war just got a little harder to win. China announced new tariffs on 128 American imports yesterday, primarily targeting agricultural products such as pork, nuts, fruit, and wine. In a statement, the Chinese government said it was imposing the new tariffs “in order to safeguard China’s interests and balance […]

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We are the party of principle.

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REASON – “This is a cultural issue as much as an economic issue,” explained Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in March. Matthews and I had been invited to discuss Donald Trump’s punishing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, a policy Matthews was convinced would resonate with “the retired person in Pennsylvania.” After Joe […]