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FEE.ORG – Arizona lawmakers and cosmetologists argue that an acceptable cost for a new-age hairstyle is imprisonment. And you can chalk that up to old-school protectionism. But fortunately, state Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita is trying to cut costs for consumers. License to Style Ask yourself, would you pay someone just to wash, dry, and style your […]

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Heart felt comments on what we’re doing wrong with the War on Crime. By ‘we’ I mean our out of control Government.

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REASON – Apple CEO Tim Cook has “doubled down” on his call for increased government regulation of Facebook, Recode reports, teasing an interview with Cook that will air Friday April 6 on MSNBC. Cook had already publicly called for a government crackdown on Facebook once before, telling an audience in Beijing, according to Bloomberg News, […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – As a policy wonk, I mostly care about the overall impact of government on prosperity. So when I think about the effect of red tape, I’m drawn to big-pictures assessments of the regulatory burden. Here are a few relevant numbers that get my juices flowing. Americans spend 8.8 billion hours every year filling out […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories. When people ask me whether there is some sinister, behind-the-scenes cabal running Washington, I tell them that petty corruption, self interest, and “public choice” are much better explanations for the nonsensical policies being imposed on the country. So you won’t be surprised that rhetoric about […]

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REASON – President Donald Trump’s trade war just got a little harder to win. China announced new tariffs on 128 American imports yesterday, primarily targeting agricultural products such as pork, nuts, fruit, and wine. In a statement, the Chinese government said it was imposing the new tariffs “in order to safeguard China’s interests and balance […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – The good news is that some honest leftists have thrown in the towel and now openly admit that capitalism generates more prosperity. They still don’t want free markets, of course. For ideological reasons, they continue to push for a big welfare state. But at least they admit their redistributionist policies lead to […]