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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – Five former Democratic appointees to the Council of Economic Advisers have a column in today’s Washington Post asserting that we should not blame entitlements for America’s future fiscal problems. The good news is that they at least recognize that there’s a future problem. The bad news is that their analysis is sloppy, […]

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REASON – To spread good cheer on Easter Sunday, President Trump tweet stormed that the DACA fix to legalize Dreamers was off the table because it had become a magnet for Latin Americans. He demanded, for the nth time, that Congressional Republicans use the nuclear option to pass border legislation because “our country is being […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – If you were exempted from taxation, you’d presumably be very happy. After all, even folks on the left do everything they can to minimize their tax payments. Now imagine that you are put in charge of tax policy. Like Elizabeth Warren, you obviously won’t volunteer to start paying tax, but what would […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – I’ve been in Prague the past few days for a meeting of the European Resource Bank. I spoke today about a relatively unknown international bureaucracy called the European Resource Bank and I warned that it is going through a process of OECD-ization, which is simply my way of saying it is pursuing […]