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REASON – At The Atlantic, new (and controversial) contributor Kevin Williamson makes his debut by declaring “The Passing of the Libertarian Moment“: Senator Rand Paul is a man out of time. It was only a few years ago that the editors of Reason magazine held him up as the personification of what they imagined to […]

Pffft, Damned Elitists

Posted: 7th May 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Elitism, Freedoms, Libertarianism, LibertyMovement, SouthernWatch
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Pretty accurate IMHO

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REASON – “Americans are now more likely to be shot to death than to die in a car accident,” Margaret Renkl declares in a New York Times op-ed piece calling for more gun control. Since Renkl is talking about mass shootings, which she says “are no longer so unthinkable,” the implication is that the risk […]

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Oh how far we have slipped…

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The Monticello, Utah, city council has fired Police Chief Kent Adair after his department refused to answer a 911 call about one of its officers. The estranged wife of Sgt. Cole Young called 911 to report he’d broken into her house and assaulted a man there. But when the dispatcher tried to get an officer to […]

Its Easy to Criticize

Posted: 3rd May 2018 by SouthernWatchman in America, LibertyMovement, LimitedGovernment, SouthernWatch
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It is easy to criticize, but much harder to actually push the liberty movement forward.