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Comments Off on “Taxes Are the Price We Pay to Live in a Civilized Society” – or Are They?

FEE.ORG – A common sentiment among proponents of government and centralized authority is that “taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society.” In reality, however, the state’s hunger for tax revenue and control directly undermines well-intentioned humans’ efforts to be civil to each other. Punished for helping strangers in need In […]

Comments Off on Chicago Is Trying to Pay Down Its Debt By Impounding Innocent People’s Cars: New at Reason

REASON – On June 21, 2016, Chicago police pulled Spencer Byrd over for a broken turn signal. Byrd says his signal wasn’t broken, but that detail would soon be the least of his worries. Ever since, Byrd has been trapped in one of the city’s most confusing bureaucratic mazes, deprived of his car and his […]

Comments Off on No Charges for Wichita Officer Who Killed Innocent, Unarmed Man in ‘Swatting’

Southern Watchman says: Its crap like this that empowers the police state. History shows that wherever personal responbsibility wains and lack of respect for human beings grows… the government is called on to respond with a heavier and heavier hand. That being said, this officer should be tried for murder. Cheers and watch your six, […]

Comments Off on California Sheriff: Killing Suspects Costs County Less Than Maiming Them

Southern Watchman says: Heh, don’t shoot the messenger. He’s 100% right. And that’s the problem, now isn’t it? Cops aren’t being held to the higher standard they should be. Cheers and watch your six, – Southern Watchman   REASON – Kern County, California, Sheriff Donny Youngblood is in trouble—not for the misconduct of local cops […]