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REASON – As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify before both houses of Congress this week, a little more of the internet prepares to die. We are in a social panic over social media, and the final outcome will almost certainly be some sort of government regulation or self-regulation-by-shotgun (think Comics Code Authority) that will […]

Comments Off on Foreign Servers No Longer Safe From Justice Department Snooping, Trade War With China Heats Up, Kremlin Says Trump Has Requested White House Summit With Putin

REASON – The Justice Department’s digital reach now extends worldwide, thanks to the CLOUD Act. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has been quick to flex its new authority since President Trump signed the “CLOUD Act” into law in late March. On Friday, DOJ asked the Supreme Court to rule moot a case involving Microsoft’s refusal […]

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REASON – Many giant tech companies that were among the biggest supporters of so-called net neutrality have increasingly turned out to be enthusiastic suppressors of content when left to their own devices. But don’t look for help to government agencies for help, writes J.D. Tuccille—not unless you want to empower authorities in a long and […]