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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – In 2016, I posed a rhetorical question about whether young people are so stupid that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. After all, many of them thought Bernie Sanders would make a good president (of America, not Greece or Venezuela). Well, maybe we really should increase the voting age. It seems 2016 […]

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LIBERTY REVIEW – There are no words to repair the tragic loss of innocent lives. In the wake of the Parkland massacre, parents are left bereaved and outraged, continuing to fear for children’s safety. As an elementary school teacher, parents entrust their children to me on a daily basis. There is nothing I take more […]

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LIBERTY REVIEW – The only “common sense gun control” that its advocates are eventually going to agree on is to take your guns away. And you won’t get them back. How do I know that? That’s exactly what they did in Europe. Much has been said in recent week in the United States about “common […]

YAL Spring Summit in Charlotte, NC

Posted: 4th May 2018 by SouthernWatchman in Charlotte, Politics, spring summit
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While it was windy and rainy in Charlotte, NC I’m proud to have attended another YAL Spring Summit. Attendees received a great set of tips for activism, interesting philosophical discussions, personal opportunities, and useful advice for handling media. In between breakout sessions on free speech on campus, Austrian Economics from former WWE wrestler Kane, hilarious […]