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Little Pink House: Having Huge Opening Week

Posted: 20th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in kelo, london, pink, Reason, SouthernWatch
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REASON – This Friday sees the long-awaited theatrical release of Little Pink House, the film account of Susette Kelo’s noble and ultimately doomed fight to save her home against eminent domain–wielding redevelopers in New London, Connecticut. The case, which became the basis of arguably the Supreme Court’s single most reviled decision of the 21st century, […]

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REASON – Donald Trump has defended his executive orders restricting travel to the United States, the latest of which will be considered by the Supreme Court next week, as stopgaps necessary to allow development of “extreme vetting” procedures aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the country. But as a new report from the Cato Institute […]

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REASON – A flawed but promising California housing reform bill died yesterday, killed by local governments and anti-development activists. Senate Bill 827—which would have deregulated housing construction near transit stops—was shot down by a 6–4 vote in California Senate’s Housing and Transportation Committee. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Scott Weiner (D–San Francisco), would have overridden […]

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REASON – A. Barton Hinkle writes about how Americans across the ideological spectrum overly fear bad things happening, statistics be damned: Take terrorism—reaction to which has given us the Patriot Act, Guantanamo, waterboarding, the TSA, police militarization, and domestic surveillance that makes Facebook’s data harvesting look like the magic X-ray glasses they advertise in comic […]

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REASON – Long before anyone was talking about the sharing economy, private pilots across the United States were already engaging in it. They used bulletin boards at general aviation airports to advertise planned trips to prospective passengers who might want to come along for the ride and share the costs of the flight. Pilots do […]

Handing Out Pamphlets Is Not a Crime

Posted: 19th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in michigan, pamphlets, Reason, SouthernWatch
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REASON – Brian Thiede, the prosecuting attorney for Mecosta County, Michigan, wants to put Keith Wood in jail for handing out pamphlets. Yet Thiede says the pamphlets are perfectly legal, and so is handing them out. The solution to this riddle lies in Thiede’s interpretation of Michigan’s jury tampering statute, which he says turns constitutionally […]

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REASON – On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary and Commerce, Science, and Transportation committees grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the company’s insufficient efforts to protect users’ personal data. In doing so, many of the senators betrayed a general lack of knowledge about how Facebook operates. Imagine trying to explain social media to your grandparents—this was […]

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Southern Watchman says: Its crap like this that empowers the police state. History shows that wherever personal responbsibility wains and lack of respect for human beings grows… the government is called on to respond with a heavier and heavier hand. That being said, this officer should be tried for murder. Cheers and watch your six, […]

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Southern Watchman says: The oil kings saw a threat to their profit, so they leveraged the power of the state to demonize Nuclear Power. Since the average person fears what they do not understand, spreading the fear of nuclear power was easy. So here we are. Cheers and watch your six, – Southern Watchman   […]

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REASON – Jessica Calarco, a sociologist writing in The Atlantic, says that Utah’s new Free-Range Kids law represents an “unfair double standard” because parents who are poor, working class, or people of color will be less able to take advantage of it. “A major shortcoming of their otherwise well-intentioned movement is that the people who […]