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Comments Off on Overdose Deaths Are the Product of Drug Prohibition

REASON – During Prohibition, drinkers never knew what they would get when they set out to slake their thirst. Bootleggers often sold products adulterated with industrial alcohol and other toxins. Some 10,000 people were fatally poisoned before America gave up this grand experiment in suppressing vice. The biggest toll from modern drug prohibition, writes Steve […]

Comments Off on This Illinois Town Might Not Have Intended to Ban My Family’s ‘Peashooter,’ But They Still Did

REASON – In a Friday article “My Family’s Peashooter Is Now an Illegal ‘Assault Weapon’ in This Illinois Town,” I wrote that a new “assault weapon” ban in Deerfield, Illinois, was written so broadly that it outlawed an old .22 semi-automatic rifle kept by my decidedly non-firearm-obsessed family. Since publishing that article, I have received […]

Comments Off on Americans Can’t Stand Each Other, So Let’s Stop Forcing Our Preferences on One Another: New at Reason

REASON – As a display of Americans’ seemingly growing intolerance for one another, last week presented something of a perfect storm, writes J.D. Tuccille. The flash career of a prominent conservative writer at The Atlantic, the seeming endorsement by several tech executives of one-party rule, and President Trump attacking Amazon to punish The Washington Post […]

Comments Off on Backpage Founder’s 93 Charges Lack Actual Sex-Trafficking Claims

REASON – The Department of Justice this afternoon finally released the indictment against Michael Lacey, founder of, the website the feds seized control over on Friday and shut down. The site has long been a center of accusations that Lacey was fostering sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking and sex slavery, and the indictment’s […]

Comments Off on London Knife Murders Reteach Old Lessons: Drug Wars Are Bad and Weapon Laws Can’t Stop Crime

REASON – London saw more murders in February and March than New York City (37 vs. 32), for apparently the first time. This has led to calls for both heavier policing and social media censorship. London’s murder number total for 2018 so far is now over 53 (vs. 130 total in 2017), with at least […]

Comments Off on Why You Shouldn’t Want Congress To Regulate Facebook & Other Social Media

REASON – As Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify before both houses of Congress this week, a little more of the internet prepares to die. We are in a social panic over social media, and the final outcome will almost certainly be some sort of government regulation or self-regulation-by-shotgun (think Comics Code Authority) that will […]

Comments Off on When Trump Loses Alex Jones’ and Gains Elizabeth Warren’s Support, All Things Are Possible!

REASON – Last night President Trump launched military strikes against Syria, as punishment for the Assad regime’s apparent use of chemical weapons in its ongoing civil war. The actions were supplemented by leaders of France and Britain, who said the attacks are a protest against the use of chemical weapons, not a call for regime […]

Comments Off on America’s Sinking Public Pension Plans Are Now $1.4 Trillion Underwater

REASON – After several years of steady investment growth and higher contributions from taxpayers, most of America’s public sector pension plans are still awash in red ink. According to a new report from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the states collectively carry more than $1.4 trillion in pension debt—and only four states have at least 90 […]

Comments Off on California’s War on ‘Economic Crimes’ Sounds Like Something From Soviet Russia: New at Reason

REASON – For those of us who grew up during the Cold War, the TV series “The Americans” is a blast. The main characters are Soviet “illegals”—a married couple who pose as travel agents, but engage in espionage and murder on behalf of the Russians in their spare time. I’m not sure it’s realistic, but […]

Comments Off on Trillion-Dollar Deficits Are Back and Here to Stay

REASON – Budget-watchers have been predicting the return of trillion-dollar deficits for months. That forecast will likely become offical—or as official as these things can ever be—later this week, when the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) releases its annual outlook for revenue and spending. The 2018 Budget and Economic Outlook will be the CBO’s first major […]