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The War on Uber Continues—Vienna Edition

Posted: 30th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in drivers, FEE, regulations, SouthernWatch, taxi, uber, vienna
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FEE.ORG – Vienna is truly one remarkable city. That’s all I could think as I was heading down the streets of the inner city during my evening walk just before starting to write this very article. The cathedrals, the palaces—really, all the buildings—reminding one of past centuries; the horses strutting through the streets with carriages […]

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FEE.ORG – It may not feel like spring yet, but regulatory agencies have turned their fancies to rulemaking, with 45 proposed and 70 final regulations ranging from the size of oranges to yellow lances. On to the data: Last week, 70 new final regulations were published in the Federal Register, after 63 the previous week. […]

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FEE.ORG – In the year 2018, at the height of the Russia Scare, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was hauled in front of a tribunal of tech-illiterate politicians and asked to explain himself. “It was my mistake, and I’m sorry,” Zuckerberg told senators who are upset about the company’s exploitation (and fumbling) of user data—which, unbeknownst […]