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REASON – “This Pravda-style propaganda,” a visibly shaken Joe Scarborough said on his MSNBC show Monday morning, “has to stop.” Dan Rather concurred: “It’s Orwellian,” the veteran newsman tweeted. “A slippery slope to how despots wrest power, silence dissent, and oppress the masses.” John Oliver, the discreet Superman of American journalism, performed last rites. “A […]

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FEE.ORG – It seems that Venezuela’s dictator Nicolás Maduro has finally found the way to bring the country out of the unprecedented economic crisis Venezuela is immersed in since 2012. The ineffable leader of the Bolivarian Revolution has recently announced the launching of a new currency, the so-called Sovereign Bolivar, which will replace the bolivar as […]

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REASON – Susette Kelo bought a run-down home. She fixed it up and painted it pink. Then the government came and took it. “Eminent Domain” has long allowed politicians to grab your property to build roads, railroad tracks, a border wall–anything they claim is for “public use.” But they wanted Kelo’s house so they could […]

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Individual freedom can only exist in the context of free-market capitalism. Personal freedom thrives in capitalism, declines in government-regulated economies, and vanishes in communism. Aside from better economic and legislative policies, what America needs is a more intense appreciation for… “Personal freedom thrives in capitalism, declines in government regulated economies and vanishes in communism” #Socialism […]

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REASON – Sen. Bernie Sanders is set to announce a plan that guarantees every American “who wants or needs one” a lifetime government job paying at least $15 an hour, with health insurance and other perks. This new progressive workforce will then, according to The Washington Post, build glorious “projects throughout the United States aimed […]

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1) “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” — Margaret Thatcher 2) “It is the common error of Socialists to overlook the natural indolence of mankind; their tendency to be passive, to be the slaves of habit, to persist indefinitely in a course once chosen. Let them once […]

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Southern Watchman says: If you honestly believe that the rights of society outweigh the rights of the individual, then you might just be a budding socialist. Better check yourself, comrade. Russia proves once again that it’s flavor of freedom is one of control. Russian freedom is given by the state. You are not born with […]

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FEE.ORG – Socialism is extremely in vogue. Opinion pieces which tell us to stop obsessing over socialism’s past failures, and start to get excited about its future potential, have almost become a genre in its own right. For example, Bhaskhar Sunkara, the founder of Jacobin magazine, recently wrote a New York Times article, in which he claimed […]