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Southern Watchman says: In the beginning of our nation, there *may* have been a case for leveraging the power of the state to force equality, but they went the other direction and leveraged the power of the state to force inequality instead. So Bravo there. But here we are some 200 odd years later, and […]

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REASON – Lawmakers in Tennessee passed a bill this week that would permit licensed cosmetologists to practice outside of salons, opening the door for on-demand services that connect makeup artists and hair stylists with clients who want service in their own homes. This is common sense. Someone licensed by the state as a cosmetologist doesn’t […]

The Dystopian Threat of Universal “Benefits”

Posted: 30th April 2018 by SouthernWatchman in FEE, health, income, SouthernWatch, state, universal
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FEE.ORG – It is graduation time again, and students are getting ready to leave college and enter the workforce. Let’s imagine some such student named Johnny. Johnny’s parents have a graduation surprise for him. They have decided to pick up all of the remaining payments on his car. What a fantastic graduation gift! Johnny is […]

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REASON – Albuquerque resident Arlene Harjo’s case started out like thousands of others: a seized car, claims of unfairness, and indifference from city officials. But two years later, a federal civil rights lawsuit over the taking of her 2014 Nissan Versa has resulted in the dismantling of Albuquerque’s once-lucrative civil asset forfeiture program. Albuquerque announced […]