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FEE.ORG – The current President of the U.S. has imposed tariffs on imported steel and aluminum effective March 23, 2018 and proposes tariffs on products imported from China. He has also proposed revoking U.S. participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has enabled a large expansion of trade between the U.S., Canada and […]

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FEE.ORG – The ideal of neutral laws applied without favoritism is a hallmark of classical liberalism. Historically, the beginning of liberalism was defined by its effort to prevent the state favoring one religion over another. The result of religious neutrality in the West has not only been greater religious freedom but less political strife and […]

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FEE.ORG – Economists and industry leaders predicted price increases and potential jobs losses after the Trump administration imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. What may have seemed like rhetoric is now reality. The sneaky brilliance of the tariffs is that benefits are concentrated to a small, politically connected, and very vocal few, while costs for American consumers […]

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LIBERTY REVIEW – China slapped tariffs on up to $3 billion in U.S. exports over the weekend, escalating a trade spat between the world’s two largest economies. Announced late Sunday, the tariffs will apply to 128 American products that Beijing had previously identified as potential targets for import taxes. The punitive measures went into effect on […]

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REASON – “This is a cultural issue as much as an economic issue,” explained Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Morning Joe in March. Matthews and I had been invited to discuss Donald Trump’s punishing new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, a policy Matthews was convinced would resonate with “the retired person in Pennsylvania.” After Joe […]

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REASON – When Russ Roberts, the George Mason University economist and host of the EconTalk podcast, visited the Reason office last week to be a guest on our podcast, he was asked about President Donald Trump’s economic policies. Roberts offered a succinct, and powerful, rejoinder to the president’s view that America’s trade deficit with China […]

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REASON – In the days and weeks after President Donald Trump slapped 25 percent tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, it was widely reported that American steel-consuming companies were bracing for higher prices. Some said they were already seeing those higher prices reflected in contracts to purchase steel from suppliers, but no one was sure […]