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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – Five former Democratic appointees to the Council of Economic Advisers have a column in today’s Washington Post asserting that we should not blame entitlements for America’s future fiscal problems. The good news is that they at least recognize that there’s a future problem. The bad news is that their analysis is sloppy, […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – If you were exempted from taxation, you’d presumably be very happy. After all, even folks on the left do everything they can to minimize their tax payments. Now imagine that you are put in charge of tax policy. Like Elizabeth Warren, you obviously won’t volunteer to start paying tax, but what would […]

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INTERNATIONAL LIBERTY – Congratulations to Belgium. According to the new edition of Taxing Wages, average Belgian workers have the dubious honor of surrendering the biggest chunk of their income to government. No wonder part of the country is interested in secession. We can also give (sincere, this time, rather than sarcastic) congratulations to New Zealand […]

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Southern Watchman says: Fantastic article about tax. Absolutely love it. #MakeTaxationTheftAgain Cheers and watch your six, – Southern Watchman   REASON – When people talk about the burden of government programs that clearly don’t benefit all, most, or even necessarily very many of the taxpayers on the hook for them, you often see their costs […]